Who We Are

Celebrating Resilience, Fostering Empowerment

Black Boy Joy Summit, proudly sponsored by CCM Education Group, is a vibrant celebration of the resilience, brilliance, and potential of young Black and Brown males in Greater Boston. Our mission is to empower and inspire through workshops, mentorship, and community engagement.

Call-Out Points:

  • Community-Centric Approach:

    At the heart of our mission is a commitment to community engagement and support. Through workshops, mentorship programs, and positive role models, we empower young men to build self-esteem, confidence, and leadership skills.

  • Cultural Identity and Pride:

    We recognize the importance of cultural identity and pride in shaping one's sense of self. By promoting understanding and pride in Black and Brown heritage, we encourage participants to explore and embrace their cultural identities.

Our Vision

Black Boy Joy Summit, supported by CCM Education Group, envisions a world where every young man feels valued, supported, and empowered to achieve his fullest potential.

Our Goals

  • Empowerment: Empower young Black and Brown men with self-esteem, confidence, and leadership skills.

  • Community Building: Foster a supportive network of peers, mentors, and community leaders.

  • Cultural Identity:Promote understanding and pride in Black and Brown heritage.

  • Dialogue & Advocacy: Facilitate open discussions on critical issues affecting Black and Brown communities.

  • Wellness: Promote mental and physical wellness through holistic well-being activities.

  • Creativity & Innovation: Inspire creative and intellectual pursuits, showcasing arts, sciences, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Workshop Tracks:

Join us in empowering the next generation of leaders at the Black Boy Joy Summit.