Devin Morris

co-founder and Executive Director of The Teachers’ Lounge
Devin Morris is the co-founder and Executive Director of The Teachers’ Lounge. Devin co-founded The Teachers’ Lounge in 2018 with then-business partner Jabari Peddie. They began this work because throughout their own K-12 and college experiences, as well as in their professional careers, they witnessed the under-representation of educators of color in lead teaching positions and felt the effects of not having a teacher with whom they could identify and see themselves reflected. Together, they sought to change this reality for future generations of students by creating and curating spaces intended to increase the recruitment, revitalization, and retention of Educators of Color across the Greater Boston Area.   Devin received his Marketing degree from Boston College in 2005. After gaining over 5 years of experience in footwear design & product development, Devin went on to receive a Master’s in Business Administration from Babson College, with a focus on Social Entrepreneurship and a rediscovery of his passion for education. Now in his 13th year in education, Devin has held roles in teaching, coaching, mentoring, school leadership, student/staff recruitment and retention, marketing, and development in district, charter, and private schools in NYC and The Greater Boston Area. Outside of co-founding The Teachers’ Lounge, Devin sits on several local and national coalitions supporting the diversification of the teacher workforce in support of all students. Devin is a member of the Commission on Black Men and Boys with the Boston Mayor’s Office. Devin has a passion for equity, community engagement & collaboration, program development, execution, and collective accountability.