Thaddeus Miles

Senior Director of Diversity Initiatives at MassHousing


BlackJoy Boston

Thaddeus Miles is a distinguished advocate for social change, renowned for his impactful work in photography, literature, and community empowerment. As the Senior Director of Diversity Initiatives at MassHousing, he has been instrumental in driving initiatives to promote equity, inclusivity, and prosperity throughout Massachusetts. Drawing upon his extensive experience in crime prevention and insights gained from Harvard Law School and MIT, Thaddeus is dedicated to pioneering innovative approaches to community engagement and development.

In 2019, Thaddeus launched the **Black Joy Initiative**, a dynamic celebration of Black culture’s resilience and beauty. Now in its fifth year, Black Joy Day in Boston has become a cornerstone event, uniting the community in joy, pride, and unity. Through this initiative, Thaddeus is also leading efforts to create a youth-authored book on Black Joy, a reflective journal, and a clothing line that embodies the movement’s spirit.

In addition to his work with the Black Joy Initiative, Thaddeus is a co-founder of the Road to Wellness 5K, addressing health disparities and promoting well-being within underserved communities. He also co-founded the Alray Second Chance Scholarship and HoodFit, empowering youth voices and fostering community resilience.

Thaddeus’s commitment to social justice has garnered him numerous awards, including the Visionary Award from the Timothy Smith Foundation and Boston’s Most Influential Men of Color 2023. As a United States Air Force veteran, his dedication to family and community remains unwavering, driving his ongoing efforts to create environments where joy can thrive.